July 2012 Entries

Changes in the Immigration rules concerning applications from overstayers

From 1 October 2012 if you have overstayed your leave by more than 28 days any application for further leave will be refused. This change in the Immigration Rules will affect applicants applying for further leave under: the points-based system; all working and student routes; visiting routes; long residency routes; discharged HM Forces; or UK ancestry routes. UKBA

New Immigration rule relating to Applying for settlement from inside the UK

New Immigration Rules which changed the length of time that family members must be in the UK before applying for settlement came into effect from 9 July 2012. This Rules apply to partners of British Citizens, Someone Settled in the UK, Someone in the UK with refugee leave or Someone in the UK with humanitarian protection If you applied to come to the UK or for permission to stay here on or before 8 July 2012 and that permission was granted, you will need to be in the UK for 2 years before you can apply for settlement. If you applied to...

Changes in Family visit visa appeals takes effect from 9 July 2012

The UKBA has announced changes to the appeal rights of family visit visa applicants. If you are applying to visit your uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, first cousin, or a relative who does not have settled, refugee or humanitarian protection status in the UK, and your visa application was refused, you will not have a full right of appeal. A limited right of appeal will remain on human rights and race discrimination grounds.